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Distance Between Ukraine Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Ukraine

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Cherkasy to Chernihiv235 km146 miles
Chernihiv to Chernivtsi523 km325 miles
Chernivtsi to Crimea725 km450 miles
Crimea to Dnipropetrovsk397 km247 miles
Dnipropetrovsk to Donetsk210 km130 miles
Donetsk to Ivano-Frankivs'k969 km602 miles
Ivano-Frankivs'k to Ivano-Frankivsk0 km0 miles
Ivano-Frankivsk to Kharkiv840 km522 miles
Kharkiv to Kherson459 km285 miles
Kherson to Khmel'nyts'kyy520 km323 miles
Khmel'nyts'kyy to Khmelnytskyi1 km1 miles
Khmelnytskyi to Kiev278 km173 miles
Kiev to Kirovohrad250 km155 miles
Kirovohrad to Kyiv City250 km155 miles
Kyiv City to L'viv468 km291 miles
L'viv to Luhansk1,117 km694 miles
Luhansk to Luts'k1,032 km641 miles
Luts'k to Lviv138 km86 miles
Lviv to Misto Sevastopol'922 km573 miles
Misto Sevastopol' to Mykolaiv288 km179 miles
Mykolaiv to Mykolayiv1 km1 miles
Mykolayiv to Odessa111 km69 miles
Odessa to Poltava447 km278 miles
Poltava to Rivne603 km375 miles
Rivne to Sevastopol863 km536 miles
Sevastopol to Simferopol62 km39 miles
Simferopol to Sumy664 km413 miles
Sumy to Ternopil671 km417 miles
Ternopil to Ternopil'1 km1 miles
Ternopil' to Uzhhorod262 km163 miles
Uzhhorod to Vinnyts'ka456 km283 miles
Vinnyts'ka to Vinnytsya1 km1 miles
Vinnytsya to Volyn281 km175 miles
Volyn to Zakarpattia322 km200 miles
Zakarpattia to Zaporizhia955 km593 miles
Zaporizhia to Zaporizhzhya4 km2 miles
Zaporizhzhya to Zhytomyr547 km340 miles