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Distance Between Tunisia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Tunisia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Al Mahdiyah to Al Munastir36 km22 miles
Al Munastir to Al Qasrayn191 km119 miles
Al Qasrayn to Al Qayrawan127 km79 miles
Al Qayrawan to Ariana133 km83 miles
Ariana to Bajah95 km59 miles
Bajah to Banzart82 km51 miles
Banzart to Beja86 km53 miles
Beja to Ben Arous92 km57 miles
Ben Arous to Bin 'Arus12 km7 miles
Bin 'Arus to Bizerte76 km47 miles
Bizerte to El Kef161 km100 miles
El Kef to Gabes285 km177 miles
Gabes to Gafsa136 km85 miles
Gafsa to Jendouba230 km143 miles
Jendouba to Jundubah1 km1 miles
Jundubah to Kairouan150 km93 miles
Kairouan to Kasserine127 km79 miles
Kasserine to Kebili163 km101 miles
Kebili to Kef270 km168 miles
Kef to Madanin381 km237 miles
Madanin to Mahdia254 km158 miles
Mahdia to Manouba169 km105 miles
Manouba to Medenine386 km240 miles
Medenine to Monastir271 km168 miles
Monastir to Nabeul76 km47 miles
Nabeul to Nabul2 km1 miles
Nabul to Qabis291 km181 miles
Qabis to Qibili106 km66 miles
Qibili to Safaqis202 km126 miles
Safaqis to Sfax1 km1 miles
Sfax to Sidi Bouzid121 km75 miles
Sidi Bouzid to Sidi Bu Zayd0 km0 miles
Sidi Bu Zayd to Siliana117 km73 miles
Siliana to Silyanah1 km1 miles
Silyanah to Sousse118 km73 miles
Sousse to Susah3 km2 miles
Susah to Tataouine323 km201 miles
Tataouine to Tawzar243 km151 miles
Tawzar to Tozeur1 km1 miles
Tozeur to Tunis371 km231 miles
Tunis to Zaghouan45 km28 miles
Zaghouan to Zaghwan1 km1 miles