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Distance Between South Sudan Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in South Sudan

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aweil to Bor540 km336 miles
Bor to Central Equatoria180 km112 miles
Central Equatoria to Eastern Equatoria246 km153 miles
Eastern Equatoria to Jonglei264 km164 miles
Jonglei to Juba273 km170 miles
Juba to Lakes264 km164 miles
Lakes to Malakal375 km233 miles
Malakal to Northern Bahr al Ghazal545 km339 miles
Northern Bahr al Ghazal to Rumbek371 km231 miles
Rumbek to Torit416 km258 miles
Torit to Unity589 km366 miles
Unity to Upper Nile339 km211 miles
Upper Nile to Warrap463 km288 miles
Warrap to Wau111 km69 miles
Wau to Western Bahr al Ghazal316 km196 miles
Western Bahr al Ghazal to Western Equatoria495 km308 miles
Western Equatoria to Yambio87 km54 miles