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Distance Between Romania Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Romania

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Alba to Alba Iulia10 km6 miles
Alba Iulia to Alexandria269 km167 miles
Alexandria to Arad400 km249 miles
Arad to Arges299 km186 miles
Arges to Bacau233 km145 miles
Bacau to Baia Mare281 km175 miles
Baia Mare to Bihor127 km79 miles
Bihor to Bistrita-Nasaud180 km112 miles
Bistrita-Nasaud to Bistrita13 km8 miles
Bistrita to Botosani176 km109 miles
Botosani to Braila293 km182 miles
Braila to Brasov189 km117 miles
Brasov to Bucharest142 km88 miles
Bucharest to Bucuresti1 km1 miles
Bucuresti to Buzau97 km60 miles
Buzau to Calarasi110 km68 miles
Calarasi to Caras-Severin426 km265 miles
Caras-Severin to Cluj220 km137 miles
Cluj to Cluj-Napoca2 km1 miles
Cluj-Napoca to Constanta488 km303 miles
Constanta to Covasna269 km167 miles
Covasna to Craiova253 km157 miles
Craiova to Dambovita146 km91 miles
Dambovita to Dolj166 km103 miles
Dolj to Drobeta-Turnu Severin94 km58 miles
Drobeta-Turnu Severin to Focsani374 km232 miles
Focsani to Galati71 km44 miles
Galati to Giurgiu234 km145 miles
Giurgiu to Gorj246 km153 miles
Gorj to Harghita254 km158 miles
Harghita to Hunedoara226 km140 miles
Hunedoara to Ialomita374 km232 miles
Ialomita to Iasi285 km177 miles
Iasi to Ilfov310 km193 miles
Ilfov to Maramures398 km247 miles
Maramures to Mehedinti353 km219 miles
Mehedinti to Miercurea-Ciuc302 km188 miles
Miercurea-Ciuc to Mures89 km55 miles
Mures to Neamt138 km86 miles
Neamt to Olt341 km212 miles
Olt to Oradea376 km234 miles
Oradea to Piatra Neamt334 km208 miles
Piatra Neamt to Pitesti256 km159 miles
Pitesti to Ploiesti91 km57 miles
Ploiesti to Prahova16 km10 miles
Prahova to Ramnicu Valcea135 km84 miles
Ramnicu Valcea to Resita195 km121 miles
Resita to Salaj235 km146 miles
Salaj to Satu Mare71 km44 miles
Satu Mare to Sfantu-Gheorghe310 km193 miles
Sfantu-Gheorghe to Sibiu129 km80 miles
Sibiu to Slatina153 km95 miles
Slatina to Slobozia238 km148 miles
Slobozia to Suceava355 km221 miles
Suceava to Targoviste311 km193 miles
Targoviste to Targu Jiu171 km106 miles
Targu Jiu to Targu-Mures193 km120 miles
Targu-Mures to Teleorman287 km178 miles
Teleorman to Timis371 km231 miles
Timis to Timisoara11 km7 miles
Timisoara to Tulcea593 km368 miles
Tulcea to Valcea369 km229 miles
Valcea to Vaslui331 km206 miles
Vaslui to Vrancea105 km65 miles
Vrancea to Zalau344 km214 miles