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Distance Between Peru Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Peru

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Abancay to Amazonas1,107 km688 miles
Amazonas to Ancash472 km293 miles
Ancash to Apurimac716 km445 miles
Apurimac to Arequipa311 km193 miles
Arequipa to Ayacucho462 km287 miles
Ayacucho to Cajamarca816 km507 miles
Cajamarca to Callao564 km350 miles
Callao to Cerro de Pasco181 km112 miles
Cerro de Pasco to Chachapoyas524 km326 miles
Chachapoyas to Chiclayo226 km140 miles
Chiclayo to Cusco1,143 km710 miles
Cusco to Huacho669 km416 miles
Huacho to Huancavelica342 km213 miles
Huancavelica to Huancayo84 km52 miles
Huancayo to Huanuco263 km163 miles
Huanuco to Huaraz148 km92 miles
Huaraz to Ica525 km326 miles
Ica to Iquitos1,167 km725 miles
Iquitos to Junin874 km543 miles
Junin to La Libertad494 km307 miles
La Libertad to Lambayeque244 km152 miles
Lambayeque to Lima695 km432 miles
Lima to Loreto923 km574 miles
Loreto to Madre de Dios1,035 km643 miles
Madre de Dios to Moquegua519 km322 miles
Moquegua to Moyobamba1,404 km872 miles
Moyobamba to Pasco530 km329 miles
Pasco to Piura843 km524 miles
Piura to Pucallpa762 km473 miles
Pucallpa to Puerto Maldonado751 km467 miles
Puerto Maldonado to Puno372 km231 miles
Puno to San Martin1,209 km751 miles
San Martin to Tacna1,393 km866 miles
Tacna to Trujillo1,453 km903 miles
Trujillo to Tumbes530 km329 miles
Tumbes to Ucayali1,069 km664 miles