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Distance Between Papua New Guinea Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Papua New Guinea

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Bougainville to Central Province918 km570 miles
Central Province to Chimbu425 km264 miles
Chimbu to Daru358 km222 miles
Daru to East New Britain1,079 km670 miles
East New Britain to East Sepik981 km610 miles
East Sepik to Eastern Highlands385 km239 miles
Eastern Highlands to Enga273 km170 miles
Enga to Goroka220 km137 miles
Goroka to Gulf135 km84 miles
Gulf to Jiwaka163 km101 miles
Jiwaka to Kimbe604 km375 miles
Kimbe to Kokopo270 km168 miles
Kokopo to Lae641 km398 miles
Lae to Madang213 km132 miles
Madang to Manus368 km229 miles
Manus to Mendi578 km359 miles
Mendi to Milne Bay911 km566 miles
Milne Bay to Morobe611 km380 miles
Morobe to Mount Hagen278 km173 miles
Mount Hagen to National Capital516 km321 miles
National Capital to New Ireland851 km529 miles
New Ireland to Northern Province732 km455 miles
Northern Province to Popondetta17 km11 miles
Popondetta to Port Moresby139 km86 miles
Port Moresby to Sandaun880 km547 miles
Sandaun to Southern Highlands346 km215 miles
Southern Highlands to West New Britain777 km483 miles
West New Britain to Western Highlands638 km396 miles
Western Highlands to Western Province302 km188 miles
Western Province to Wewak470 km292 miles