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Distance Between Lesotho Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Lesotho

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Berea to Butha-Buthe80 km50 miles
Butha-Buthe to Leribe48 km30 miles
Leribe to Mafeteng132 km82 miles
Mafeteng to Maseru58 km36 miles
Maseru to Mohale's Hoek District84 km52 miles
Mohale's Hoek District to Mohale's Hoek31 km19 miles
Mohale's Hoek to Mokhotlong181 km112 miles
Mokhotlong to Qacha's Nek99 km62 miles
Qacha's Nek to Quthing99 km62 miles
Quthing to Thaba-Tseka130 km81 miles