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Distance Between Syria Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Syria

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Al-Hasakah to Al Hasakah12 km7 miles
Al Hasakah to Al Qunaytirah585 km364 miles
Al Qunaytirah to Aleppo362 km225 miles
Aleppo to Ar-Raqqah170 km106 miles
Ar-Raqqah to Ar Raqqah1 km1 miles
Ar Raqqah to As-Suwayda424 km263 miles
As-Suwayda to As Suwayda'1 km1 miles
As Suwayda' to Damascus93 km58 miles
Damascus to Dar'a101 km63 miles
Dar'a to Daraa1 km1 miles
Daraa to Deir ez-Zor478 km297 miles
Deir ez-Zor to Dimashq407 km253 miles
Dimashq to Hama186 km116 miles
Hama to Hamah1 km1 miles
Hamah to Homs45 km28 miles
Homs to Idlib133 km83 miles
Idlib to Latakia88 km55 miles
Latakia to Quneitra274 km170 miles
Quneitra to Rif-dimashq110 km68 miles
Rif-dimashq to Tartouss181 km112 miles
Tartouss to Tartus1 km1 miles