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Distance Between Switzerland Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Switzerland

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aarau to Aargau16 km10 miles
Aargau to Appenzell Ausserrhoden79 km49 miles
Appenzell Ausserrhoden to Appenzell Innerrhoden11 km7 miles
Appenzell Innerrhoden to Basel142 km88 miles
Basel to Basel-City2 km1 miles
Basel-City to Basel-Landschaft19 km12 miles
Basel-Landschaft to Bellinzona168 km104 miles
Bellinzona to Bern147 km91 miles
Bern to Chur159 km99 miles
Chur to Frauenfeld92 km57 miles
Frauenfeld to Fribourg157 km98 miles
Fribourg to Geneva102 km63 miles
Geneva to Geneve0 km0 miles
Geneve to Glarus242 km150 miles
Glarus to Grisons58 km36 miles
Grisons to Herisau84 km52 miles
Herisau to Jura161 km100 miles
Jura to Lausanne100 km62 miles
Lausanne to Lucerne141 km88 miles
Lucerne to Luzern0 km0 miles
Luzern to Neuchatel104 km65 miles
Neuchatel to Nidwalden111 km69 miles
Nidwalden to Obwalden12 km7 miles
Obwalden to Saint Gallen103 km64 miles
Saint Gallen to Sankt Gallen1 km1 miles
Sankt Gallen to Schaffhausen63 km39 miles
Schaffhausen to Schwyz76 km47 miles
Schwyz to Sitten132 km82 miles
Sitten to Solothurn110 km68 miles
Solothurn to Thurgau122 km76 miles
Thurgau to Ticino143 km89 miles
Ticino to Uri51 km32 miles
Uri to Valais104 km65 miles
Valais to Vaud88 km55 miles
Vaud to Zug165 km103 miles
Zug to Zurich22 km14 miles