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Distance Between Sudan Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Sudan

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ad Damar to Ad-Damazin647 km402 miles
Ad-Damazin to Al Jazirah358 km222 miles
Al Jazirah to Al Qadarif229 km142 miles
Al Qadarif to Blue Nile301 km187 miles
Blue Nile to El Daein875 km544 miles
El Daein to El Fasher255 km158 miles
El Fasher to El Obeid529 km329 miles
El Obeid to Geneina841 km523 miles
Geneina to Kadugli835 km519 miles
Kadugli to Kassala876 km544 miles
Kassala to Khartoum412 km256 miles
Khartoum to Northern Darfur820 km510 miles
Northern Darfur to Port Sudan1,372 km853 miles
Port Sudan to Rabak860 km534 miles
Rabak to Red Sea746 km464 miles
Red Sea to River Nile300 km186 miles
River Nile to Shamal Kurdufan594 km369 miles
Shamal Kurdufan to Sinja494 km307 miles
Sinja to Sinnar61 km38 miles
Sinnar to Southern Darfur964 km599 miles
Southern Darfur to Southern Kordofan494 km307 miles
Southern Kordofan to Wad Medani570 km354 miles
Wad Medani to Western Darfur1,150 km715 miles
Western Darfur to White Nile1,034 km642 miles
White Nile to Zalingei982 km610 miles