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Distance Between Spain Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Spain

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Andalusia to Aragon557 km346 miles
Aragon to Asturias451 km280 miles
Asturias to Balearic Islands841 km523 miles
Balearic Islands to Barcelona215 km134 miles
Barcelona to Basque Country432 km268 miles
Basque Country to Canary Islands2,061 km1,281 miles
Canary Islands to Cantabria2,006 km1,246 miles
Cantabria to Castille and Leon154 km96 miles
Castille and Leon to Castille-La Mancha305 km190 miles
Castille-La Mancha to Catalonia468 km291 miles
Catalonia to Ceuta868 km539 miles
Ceuta to Extremadura406 km252 miles
Extremadura to Galicia384 km239 miles
Galicia to Gasteiz / Vitoria447 km278 miles
Gasteiz / Vitoria to La Rioja64 km40 miles
La Rioja to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria1,959 km1,217 miles
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Logrono1,979 km1,230 miles
Logrono to Madrid251 km156 miles
Madrid to Melilla574 km357 miles
Melilla to Merida503 km313 miles
Merida to Murcia465 km289 miles
Murcia to Navarre525 km326 miles
Navarre to Oviedo347 km216 miles
Oviedo to Palma823 km511 miles
Palma to Pamplona509 km316 miles
Pamplona to Santa Cruz de Tenerife2,065 km1,283 miles
Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Santander2,004 km1,245 miles
Santander to Santiago de Compostela390 km242 miles
Santiago de Compostela to Sevilla649 km403 miles
Sevilla to Toledo323 km201 miles
Toledo to Valencia315 km196 miles
Valencia to Valladolid440 km273 miles
Valladolid to Zaragoza320 km199 miles