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Distance Between Somalia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Somalia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Awdal to Baidoa837 km520 miles
Baidoa to Baki754 km469 miles
Baki to Bakool619 km385 miles
Bakool to Banaadir285 km177 miles
Banaadir to Bari1,011 km628 miles
Bari to Bay1,091 km678 miles
Bay to Beledweyne315 km196 miles
Beledweyne to Bosaso850 km528 miles
Bosaso to Burao444 km276 miles
Burao to Ceerigaabo235 km146 miles
Ceerigaabo to Gaalkacyo428 km266 miles
Gaalkacyo to Galguduud189 km117 miles
Galguduud to Garoowe402 km250 miles
Garoowe to Gedo880 km547 miles
Gedo to Hargeysa703 km437 miles
Hargeysa to Hiiraan598 km372 miles
Hiiraan to Jawhar173 km107 miles
Jawhar to Kismayo479 km298 miles
Kismayo to Laascaanood1,118 km695 miles
Laascaanood to Lower Juba1,118 km695 miles
Lower Juba to Lower Shabeelle347 km216 miles
Lower Shabeelle to Marka61 km38 miles
Marka to Middle Juba355 km221 miles
Middle Juba to Middle Shabele487 km303 miles
Middle Shabele to Mogadishu117 km73 miles
Mogadishu to Mudug571 km355 miles
Mudug to Nugaal243 km151 miles
Nugaal to Sanaag289 km180 miles
Sanaag to Sool186 km116 miles
Sool to Togdheer282 km175 miles
Togdheer to Woqooyi Galbeed132 km82 miles