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Distance Between Slovenia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Slovenia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ajdovscina to Apace178 km111 miles
Apace to Beltinci27 km17 miles
Beltinci to Benedikt26 km16 miles
Benedikt to Bistrica ob Sotli64 km40 miles
Bistrica ob Sotli to Bled124 km77 miles
Bled to Bloke73 km45 miles
Bloke to Bohinj73 km45 miles
Bohinj to Borovnica53 km33 miles
Borovnica to Bovec78 km48 miles
Bovec to Braslovce114 km71 miles
Braslovce to Brda22 km14 miles
Brda to Brezice72 km45 miles
Brezice to Brezovica28 km17 miles
Brezovica to Cankova111 km69 miles
Cankova to Celje78 km48 miles
Celje to Cerklje na Gorenjskem60 km37 miles
Cerklje na Gorenjskem to Cerknica52 km32 miles
Cerknica to Cerkno47 km29 miles
Cerkno to Cerkvenjak158 km98 miles
Cerkvenjak to Cirkulane25 km16 miles
Cirkulane to Crensovci34 km21 miles
Crensovci to Crna na Koroskem111 km69 miles
Crna na Koroskem to Crnomelj103 km64 miles
Crnomelj to Destrnik115 km71 miles
Destrnik to Divaca172 km107 miles
Divaca to Dobje121 km75 miles
Dobje to Dobrepolje62 km39 miles
Dobrepolje to Dobrna67 km42 miles
Dobrna to Dobrova-Horjul-Polhov Gradec70 km43 miles
Dobrova-Horjul-Polhov Gradec to Dobrovnik-Dobronak162 km101 miles
Dobrovnik-Dobronak to Dol pri Ljubljani145 km90 miles
Dol pri Ljubljani to Dolenjske Toplice49 km30 miles
Dolenjske Toplice to Domzale56 km35 miles
Domzale to Dornava109 km68 miles
Dornava to Dravograd73 km45 miles
Dravograd to Duplek57 km35 miles
Duplek to Gorenja Vas-Poljane133 km83 miles
Gorenja Vas-Poljane to Gorisnica150 km93 miles
Gorisnica to Gorje159 km99 miles
Gorje to Gornja Radgona165 km103 miles
Gornja Radgona to Gornji Grad100 km62 miles
Gornji Grad to Gornji Petrovci122 km76 miles
Gornji Petrovci to Grad10 km6 miles
Grad to Grosuplje145 km90 miles
Grosuplje to Hajdina103 km64 miles
Hajdina to Hoce-Slivnica15 km9 miles
Hoce-Slivnica to Hodos-Hodos65 km40 miles
Hodos-Hodos to Horjul179 km111 miles
Horjul to Hrastnik62 km39 miles
Hrastnik to Hrpelje-Kozina107 km66 miles
Hrpelje-Kozina to Idrija44 km27 miles
Idrija to Ig39 km24 miles
Ig to Ilirska Bistrica49 km30 miles
Ilirska Bistrica to Ivancna Gorica60 km37 miles
Ivancna Gorica to Izola-Isola99 km62 miles
Izola-Isola to Jesenice104 km65 miles
Jesenice to Jezersko35 km22 miles
Jezersko to Jursinci113 km70 miles
Jursinci to Kamnik109 km68 miles
Kamnik to Kanal76 km47 miles
Kanal to Kidricevo170 km106 miles
Kidricevo to Kobarid171 km106 miles
Kobarid to Kobilje221 km137 miles
Kobilje to Kocevje165 km103 miles
Kocevje to Komen89 km55 miles
Komen to Komenda75 km47 miles
Komenda to Koper-Capodistria96 km60 miles
Koper-Capodistria to Koper0 km0 miles
Koper to Kostanjevica na Krki136 km85 miles
Kostanjevica na Krki to Kostel55 km34 miles
Kostel to Kozje81 km50 miles
Kozje to Kranj93 km58 miles
Kranj to Kranjska Gora51 km32 miles
Kranjska Gora to Krizevci190 km118 miles
Krizevci to Krsko109 km68 miles
Krsko to Kungota76 km47 miles
Kungota to Kuzma42 km26 miles
Kuzma to Lasko100 km62 miles
Lasko to Lenart69 km43 miles
Lenart to Lendava-Lendva45 km28 miles
Lendava-Lendva to Litija137 km85 miles
Litija to Ljubljana25 km16 miles
Ljubljana to Ljubno16 km10 miles
Ljubno to Ljutomer135 km84 miles
Ljutomer to Log-Dragomer151 km94 miles
Log-Dragomer to Logatec16 km10 miles
Logatec to Loska Dolina36 km22 miles
Loska Dolina to Loski Potok9 km6 miles
Loski Potok to Lovrenc na Pohorju112 km70 miles
Lovrenc na Pohorju to Luce53 km33 miles
Luce to Lukovica21 km13 miles
Lukovica to Majsperk83 km52 miles
Majsperk to Makole6 km4 miles
Makole to Maribor26 km16 miles
Maribor to Markovci55 km34 miles
Markovci to Medvode160 km99 miles
Medvode to Menges13 km8 miles
Menges to Metlika82 km51 miles
Metlika to Mezica104 km65 miles