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Distance Between Puerto Rico Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Puerto Rico

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Adjuntas to Aguada55 km34 miles
Aguada to Aguadilla6 km4 miles
Aguadilla to Aguas Buenas112 km70 miles
Aguas Buenas to Aibonito21 km13 miles
Aibonito to Anasco94 km58 miles
Anasco to Arecibo46 km29 miles
Arecibo to Arroyo89 km55 miles
Arroyo to Barceloneta72 km45 miles
Barceloneta to Barranquitas38 km24 miles
Barranquitas to Bayamon25 km16 miles
Bayamon to Cabo Rojo108 km67 miles
Cabo Rojo to Caguas119 km74 miles
Caguas to Camuy90 km56 miles
Camuy to Canovanas100 km62 miles
Canovanas to Carolina6 km4 miles
Carolina to Catano20 km12 miles
Catano to Cayey37 km23 miles
Cayey to Ceiba56 km35 miles
Ceiba to Ciales87 km54 miles
Ciales to Cidra37 km23 miles
Cidra to Coamo23 km14 miles
Coamo to Comerio21 km13 miles
Comerio to Corozal14 km9 miles
Corozal to Culebra108 km67 miles
Culebra to Dorado103 km64 miles
Dorado to Fajardo67 km42 miles
Fajardo to Florida96 km60 miles
Florida to Guanica57 km35 miles
Guanica to Guayama84 km52 miles
Guayama to Guayanilla72 km45 miles
Guayanilla to Guaynabo81 km50 miles
Guaynabo to Gurabo19 km12 miles
Gurabo to Hatillo94 km58 miles
Hatillo to Hormigueros50 km31 miles
Hormigueros to Humacao137 km85 miles
Humacao to Isabela131 km81 miles
Isabela to Juana Diaz70 km43 miles
Juana Diaz to Lajas58 km36 miles
Lajas to Lares33 km21 miles
Lares to Las Marias13 km8 miles
Las Marias to Las Piedras121 km75 miles
Las Piedras to Loiza26 km16 miles
Loiza to Luquillo18 km11 miles
Luquillo to Manati81 km50 miles
Manati to Maricao58 km36 miles
Maricao to Maunabo116 km72 miles
Maunabo to Mayagueez133 km83 miles
Mayagueez to Mayaguez1 km1 miles
Mayaguez to Moca22 km14 miles
Moca to Morovis72 km45 miles
Morovis to Municipio de Jayuya23 km14 miles
Municipio de Jayuya to Municipio de Juncos71 km44 miles
Municipio de Juncos to Naguabo20 km12 miles
Naguabo to Naranjito55 km34 miles
Naranjito to Orocovis17 km11 miles
Orocovis to Patillas47 km29 miles
Patillas to Penuelas75 km47 miles
Penuelas to Ponce13 km8 miles
Ponce to Quebradillas62 km39 miles
Quebradillas to Rincon36 km22 miles
Rincon to Rio Grande150 km93 miles
Rio Grande to Sabana Grande123 km76 miles
Sabana Grande to Salinas75 km47 miles
Salinas to San German81 km50 miles
San German to San Juan105 km65 miles
San Juan to San Lorenzo38 km24 miles
San Lorenzo to San Sebastian107 km66 miles
San Sebastian to Santa Isabel Municipio72 km45 miles
Santa Isabel Municipio to Toa Alta50 km31 miles
Toa Alta to Toa Baja6 km4 miles
Toa Baja to Trujillo Alto28 km17 miles
Trujillo Alto to Utuado74 km46 miles
Utuado to Vega Alta42 km26 miles
Vega Alta to Vega Baja7 km4 miles
Vega Baja to Vieques106 km66 miles
Vieques to Villalba111 km69 miles
Villalba to Yabucoa65 km40 miles
Yabucoa to Yauco103 km64 miles