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Distance Between North Korea Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in North Korea

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Chagang-do to Chongjin294 km183 miles
Chongjin to Haeju542 km337 miles
Haeju to Hamgyong-namdo342 km213 miles
Hamgyong-namdo to Hamhung82 km51 miles
Hamhung to Hwanghae-bukto196 km122 miles
Hwanghae-bukto to Hwanghae-namdo86 km53 miles
Hwanghae-namdo to Hyesan-si424 km263 miles
Hyesan-si to Kanggye-si142 km88 miles
Kanggye-si to Kangwon-do251 km156 miles
Kangwon-do to Najin444 km276 miles
Najin to P'yongan-bukto486 km302 miles
P'yongan-bukto to P'yongan-namdo92 km57 miles
P'yongan-namdo to P'yongsong28 km17 miles
P'yongsong to Pyongyang25 km16 miles
Pyongyang to Rason524 km326 miles
Rason to Sariwon567 km352 miles
Sariwon to Sinuiju212 km132 miles
Sinuiju to Wonsan281 km175 miles
Wonsan to Yanggang-do248 km154 miles