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Distance Between Nigeria Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Nigeria

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Abakaliki to Abeokuta534 km332 miles
Abeokuta to Abia499 km310 miles
Abia to Abuja Federal Capital Territory406 km252 miles
Abuja Federal Capital Territory to Abuja11 km7 miles
Abuja to Adamawa543 km337 miles
Adamawa to Ado-Ekiti816 km507 miles
Ado-Ekiti to Akure41 km25 miles
Akure to Akwa Ibom393 km244 miles
Akwa Ibom to Anambra178 km111 miles
Anambra to Asaba32 km20 miles
Asaba to Awka38 km24 miles
Awka to Bauchi546 km339 miles
Bauchi to Bayelsa743 km462 miles
Bayelsa to Benin City166 km103 miles
Benin City to Benue372 km231 miles
Benue to Birnin Kebbi762 km473 miles
Birnin Kebbi to Borno961 km597 miles
Borno to Calabar891 km554 miles
Calabar to Cross River140 km87 miles
Cross River to Damaturu719 km447 miles
Damaturu to Delta960 km597 miles
Delta to Dutse789 km490 miles
Dutse to Ebonyi639 km397 miles
Ebonyi to Edo231 km144 miles
Edo to Ekiti141 km88 miles
Ekiti to Enugu281 km175 miles
Enugu to Gombe583 km362 miles
Gombe to Gusau535 km332 miles
Gusau to Ibadan611 km380 miles
Ibadan to Ikeja108 km67 miles
Ikeja to Ilorin251 km156 miles
Ilorin to Imo422 km262 miles
Imo to Jalingo617 km383 miles
Jalingo to Jigawa488 km303 miles
Jigawa to Jos294 km183 miles
Jos to Kaduna174 km108 miles
Kaduna to Kano210 km130 miles
Kano to Katsina151 km94 miles
Katsina to Kebbi412 km256 miles
Kebbi to Kogi534 km332 miles
Kogi to Kwara272 km169 miles
Kwara to Lafia438 km272 miles
Lafia to Lagos607 km377 miles
Lagos to Lokoja397 km247 miles
Lokoja to Maiduguri834 km518 miles
Maiduguri to Makurdi684 km425 miles
Makurdi to Minna299 km186 miles
Minna to Nassarawa225 km140 miles
Nassarawa to Niger70 km43 miles
Niger to Ogun643 km400 miles
Ogun to Ondo176 km109 miles
Ondo to Osogbo80 km50 miles
Osogbo to Osun20 km12 miles
Osun to Owerri359 km223 miles
Owerri to Oyo431 km268 miles
Oyo to Plateau655 km407 miles
Plateau to Port Harcourt579 km360 miles
Port Harcourt to Rivers14 km9 miles
Rivers to Sokoto924 km574 miles
Sokoto to Taraba839 km521 miles
Taraba to Umuahia473 km294 miles
Umuahia to Uyo72 km45 miles
Uyo to Yenagoa185 km115 miles
Yenagoa to Yobe1,005 km624 miles
Yobe to Yola343 km213 miles
Yola to Zamfara759 km472 miles