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Distance Between New Zealand Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in New Zealand

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Auckland to Bay of Plenty157 km98 miles
Bay of Plenty to Blenheim467 km290 miles
Blenheim to Canterbury338 km210 miles
Canterbury to Chatham Islands985 km612 miles
Chatham Islands to Christchurch870 km541 miles
Christchurch to Dunedin310 km193 miles
Dunedin to Gisborne1,012 km629 miles
Gisborne to Hamilton258 km160 miles
Hamilton to Hawke's Bay255 km158 miles
Hawke's Bay to Invercargill1,003 km623 miles
Invercargill to Manawatu-Wanganui938 km583 miles
Manawatu-Wanganui to Marlborough266 km165 miles
Marlborough to Napier376 km234 miles
Napier to Nelson366 km227 miles
Nelson to New Plymouth254 km158 miles
New Plymouth to Northland389 km242 miles
Northland to Otago1,086 km675 miles
Otago to Palmerston North697 km433 miles
Palmerston North to Southland887 km551 miles
Southland to Taranaki909 km565 miles
Taranaki to Tasman252 km157 miles
Tasman to Waikato420 km261 miles
Waikato to Wellington363 km226 miles
Wellington to West Coast284 km176 miles
West Coast to Whakatane668 km415 miles
Whakatane to Whangarei343 km213 miles