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Distance Between Malta Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Malta

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Attard to Balzan3 km2 miles
Balzan to Birkirkara1 km1 miles
Birkirkara to Birzebbuga11 km7 miles
Birzebbuga to Bormla7 km4 miles
Bormla to Dingli12 km7 miles
Dingli to Ghajnsielem20 km12 miles
Ghajnsielem to Hal Gharghur20 km12 miles
Hal Gharghur to Hal Ghaxaq10 km6 miles
Hal Ghaxaq to Haz-Zabbar4 km2 miles
Haz-Zabbar to Haz-Zebbug9 km6 miles
Haz-Zebbug to Il-Belt Valletta7 km4 miles
Il-Belt Valletta to Il-Birgu1 km1 miles
Il-Birgu to Il-Fgura2 km1 miles
Il-Fgura to Il-Fontana32 km20 miles
Il-Fontana to Il-Furjana29 km18 miles
Il-Furjana to Il-Gudja5 km3 miles
Il-Gudja to Il-Gzira7 km4 miles
Il-Gzira to Il-Hamrun2 km1 miles
Il-Hamrun to Il-Kalkara4 km2 miles
Il-Kalkara to Il-Marsa4 km2 miles
Il-Marsa to Il-Mellieha16 km10 miles
Il-Mellieha to Il-Mosta8 km5 miles
Il-Mosta to Il-Munxar22 km14 miles
Il-Munxar to Il-Qala8 km5 miles
Il-Qala to Il-Qrendi26 km16 miles
Il-Qrendi to In-Nadur28 km17 miles
In-Nadur to In-Naxxar18 km11 miles
In-Naxxar to Ir-Rabat7 km4 miles
Ir-Rabat to Is-Siggiewi7 km4 miles
Is-Siggiewi to Is-Swieqi9 km6 miles
Is-Swieqi to Ix-Xaghra24 km15 miles
Ix-Xaghra to Ix-Xewkija3 km2 miles
Ix-Xewkija to Ix-Xghajra30 km19 miles
Ix-Xghajra to Iz-Zebbug34 km21 miles
Iz-Zebbug to Iz-Zejtun36 km22 miles
Iz-Zejtun to Iz-Zurrieq6 km4 miles
Iz-Zurrieq to Kirkop2 km1 miles
Kirkop to L-Gharb36 km22 miles
L-Gharb to L-Ghasri2 km1 miles
L-Ghasri to L-Iklin28 km17 miles
L-Iklin to L-Imdina5 km3 miles
L-Imdina to L-Imgarr5 km3 miles
L-Imgarr to L-Imqabba13 km8 miles
L-Imqabba to L-Imsida6 km4 miles
L-Imsida to L-Imtarfa8 km5 miles
L-Imtarfa to L-Isla11 km7 miles
L-Isla to Lija7 km4 miles
Lija to Luqa6 km4 miles
Luqa to Marsaskala6 km4 miles
Marsaskala to Marsaxlokk3 km2 miles
Marsaxlokk to Mosta13 km8 miles
Mosta to Paola8 km5 miles
Paola to Pembroke6 km4 miles
Pembroke to Qormi6 km4 miles
Qormi to Safi5 km3 miles
Safi to Saint John9 km6 miles
Saint John to Saint Julian1 km1 miles
Saint Julian to Saint Lawrence30 km19 miles
Saint Lawrence to Saint Lucia33 km21 miles
Saint Lucia to Saint Paul's Bay11 km7 miles
Saint Paul's Bay to Saint Venera9 km6 miles
Saint Venera to Sannat25 km16 miles
Sannat to Ta' Kercem4 km2 miles
Ta' Kercem to Ta' Xbiex29 km18 miles
Ta' Xbiex to Tal-Pieta1 km1 miles
Tal-Pieta to Tarxien3 km2 miles
Tarxien to Tas-Sliema5 km3 miles
Tas-Sliema to Valletta2 km1 miles
Valletta to Victoria29 km18 miles
Victoria to Zabbar32 km20 miles