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Distance Between Italy Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Italy

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Abruzzo to Ancona157 km98 miles
Ancona to Aosta544 km338 miles
Aosta to Aosta Valley8 km5 miles
Aosta Valley to Apulia956 km594 miles
Apulia to Bari41 km25 miles
Bari to Basilicate91 km57 miles
Basilicate to Bologna572 km355 miles
Bologna to Cagliari613 km381 miles
Cagliari to Calabria622 km386 miles
Calabria to Campania237 km147 miles
Campania to Campobasso52 km32 miles
Campobasso to Catanzaro340 km211 miles
Catanzaro to Emilia-Romagna776 km482 miles
Emilia-Romagna to Florence91 km57 miles
Florence to Friuli Venezia Giulia309 km192 miles
Friuli Venezia Giulia to Genoa384 km239 miles
Genoa to L'Aquila430 km267 miles
L'Aquila to Latium84 km52 miles
Latium to Liguria476 km296 miles
Liguria to Lombardy172 km107 miles
Lombardy to Milano51 km32 miles
Milano to Molise603 km375 miles
Molise to Napoli89 km55 miles
Napoli to Palermo313 km194 miles
Palermo to Perugia559 km347 miles
Perugia to Piedmont445 km277 miles
Piedmont to Potenza834 km518 miles
Potenza to Rome309 km192 miles
Rome to Sardinia353 km219 miles
Sardinia to Sicily516 km321 miles
Sicily to The Marches662 km411 miles
The Marches to Trentino-Alto Adige383 km238 miles
Trentino-Alto Adige to Trento75 km47 miles
Trento to Trieste212 km132 miles
Trieste to Turin481 km299 miles
Turin to Tuscany318 km198 miles
Tuscany to Umbria145 km90 miles
Umbria to Veneto323 km201 miles
Veneto to Venice62 km39 miles