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Distance Between Greece Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Greece

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Athens to Attica14 km9 miles
Attica to Central Greece117 km73 miles
Central Greece to Central Macedonia228 km142 miles
Central Macedonia to Crete615 km382 miles
Crete to East Macedonia and Thrace663 km412 miles
East Macedonia and Thrace to Epirus373 km232 miles
Epirus to Ioannina17 km11 miles
Ioannina to Ionian Islands133 km83 miles
Ionian Islands to Irakleion543 km337 miles
Irakleion to Kerkyra663 km412 miles
Kerkyra to Komotini494 km307 miles
Komotini to Kozani318 km198 miles
Kozani to Lamia165 km103 miles
Lamia to Larisa82 km51 miles
Larisa to Mount Athos168 km104 miles
Mount Athos to Mytilini238 km148 miles
Mytilini to North Aegean244 km152 miles
North Aegean to Patra358 km222 miles
Patra to Peloponnese113 km70 miles
Peloponnese to South Aegean282 km175 miles
South Aegean to Thessaloniki456 km283 miles
Thessaloniki to Thessaly137 km85 miles
Thessaly to Tripoli235 km146 miles
Tripoli to West Greece132 km82 miles
West Greece to West Macedonia200 km124 miles