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Distance Between Dominican Republic Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Dominican Republic

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Azua to Bani48 km30 miles
Bani to Baoruco108 km67 miles
Baoruco to Barahona38 km24 miles
Barahona to Bonao109 km68 miles
Bonao to Concepcion de La Vega34 km21 miles
Concepcion de La Vega to Cotui44 km27 miles
Cotui to Dajabon173 km107 miles
Dajabon to Duarte172 km107 miles
Duarte to El Seibo124 km77 miles
El Seibo to Elias Pina273 km170 miles
Elias Pina to Espaillat145 km90 miles
Espaillat to Hato Mayor147 km91 miles
Hato Mayor to Hato Mayor del Rey1 km1 miles
Hato Mayor del Rey to Hermanas Mirabal136 km85 miles
Hermanas Mirabal to Independencia172 km107 miles
Independencia to La Altagracia317 km197 miles
La Altagracia to La Romana41 km25 miles
La Romana to La Vega186 km116 miles
La Vega to Mao68 km42 miles
Mao to Maria Trinidad Sanchez114 km71 miles
Maria Trinidad Sanchez to Moca55 km34 miles
Moca to Monsenor Nouel55 km34 miles
Monsenor Nouel to Monte Cristi167 km104 miles
Monte Cristi to Monte Plata226 km140 miles
Monte Plata to Nacional39 km24 miles
Nacional to Nagua100 km62 miles
Nagua to Neiba193 km120 miles
Neiba to Pedernales61 km38 miles
Pedernales to Peravia147 km91 miles
Peravia to Puerto Plata169 km105 miles
Puerto Plata to Sabaneta76 km47 miles
Sabaneta to Salcedo97 km60 miles
Salcedo to Salvaleon de Higuey199 km124 miles
Salvaleon de Higuey to Samana93 km58 miles
Samana to San Cristobal119 km74 miles
San Cristobal to San Fernando de Monte Cristi227 km141 miles
San Fernando de Monte Cristi to San Francisco de Macoris158 km98 miles
San Francisco de Macoris to San Jose de Ocoa87 km54 miles
San Jose de Ocoa to San Juan de la Maguana82 km51 miles
San Juan de la Maguana to San Juan10 km6 miles
San Juan to San Pedro de Macoris215 km134 miles
San Pedro de Macoris to Sanchez Ramirez103 km64 miles
Sanchez Ramirez to Santa Cruz de Barahona136 km85 miles
Santa Cruz de Barahona to Santa Cruz de El Seibo226 km140 miles
Santa Cruz de El Seibo to Santiago191 km119 miles
Santiago to Santiago de los Caballeros2 km1 miles
Santiago de los Caballeros to Santiago Rodriguez68 km42 miles
Santiago Rodriguez to Santo Domingo184 km114 miles
Santo Domingo to Valverde174 km108 miles