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Distance Between Cuba Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Cuba

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Artemisa to Bayamo708 km440 miles
Bayamo to Camaguey173 km107 miles
Camaguey to Ciego de Avila91 km57 miles
Ciego de Avila to Cienfuegos189 km117 miles
Cienfuegos to Granma437 km272 miles
Granma to Guantanamo186 km116 miles
Guantanamo to Havana844 km524 miles
Havana to Holguin727 km452 miles
Holguin to Isla de la Juventud733 km455 miles
Isla de la Juventud to La Habana168 km104 miles
La Habana to Las Tunas602 km374 miles
Las Tunas to Matanzas487 km303 miles
Matanzas to Mayabeque72 km45 miles
Mayabeque to Nueva Gerona142 km88 miles
Nueva Gerona to Pinar del Rio107 km66 miles
Pinar del Rio to San Jose de las Lajas168 km104 miles
San Jose de las Lajas to Sancti Spiritus296 km184 miles
Sancti Spiritus to Santa Clara68 km42 miles
Santa Clara to Santiago de Cuba504 km313 miles
Santiago de Cuba to Villa Clara505 km314 miles