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Distance Between Burundi Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Burundi

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Bubanza to Bujumbura33 km21 miles
Bujumbura to Bujumbura Mairie4 km2 miles
Bujumbura Mairie to Bujumbura Rural16 km10 miles
Bujumbura Rural to Bururi52 km32 miles
Bururi to Cankuzo131 km81 miles
Cankuzo to Cibitoke163 km101 miles
Cibitoke to Gitega108 km67 miles
Gitega to Karuzi45 km28 miles
Karuzi to Kayanza63 km39 miles
Kayanza to Kirundo64 km40 miles
Kirundo to Makamba175 km109 miles
Makamba to Muramvya98 km61 miles
Muramvya to Muyinga92 km57 miles
Muyinga to Mwaro102 km63 miles
Mwaro to Ngozi70 km43 miles
Ngozi to Rutana115 km71 miles
Rutana to Ruyigi58 km36 miles