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Distance Between Orta di Atella and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of Orta di Atella shown on map, and the distance between Orta di Atella to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From Orta di Atella to Italy Cities

Distance from Palermo to Orta di Atella325 km202 miles
Distance from Catanzaro to Orta di Atella305 km190 miles
Distance from Cagliari to Orta di Atella478 km297 miles
Distance from Venice to Orta di Atella521 km324 miles
Distance from Trieste to Orta di Atella521 km324 miles
Distance from Trento to Orta di Atella621 km386 miles
Distance from Turin to Orta di Atella703 km437 miles
Distance from Rome to Orta di Atella179 km111 miles
Distance from Potenza to Orta di Atella135 km84 miles
Distance from Perugia to Orta di Atella285 km177 miles
Distance from Napoli to Orta di Atella12 km7 miles
Distance from Milano to Orta di Atella647 km402 miles
Distance from L'Aquila to Orta di Atella170 km106 miles
Distance from Genoa to Orta di Atella582 km362 miles
Distance from Florence to Orta di Atella399 km248 miles
Distance from Campobasso to Orta di Atella74 km46 miles
Distance from Bologna to Orta di Atella459 km285 miles
Distance from Bari to Orta di Atella218 km135 miles
Distance from Aosta to Orta di Atella772 km480 miles
Distance from Ancona to Orta di Atella299 km186 miles
Distance from Sicily to Orta di Atella375 km233 miles
Distance from Sardinia to Orta di Atella454 km282 miles
Distance from Calabria to Orta di Atella255 km158 miles
Distance from Veneto to Orta di Atella572 km355 miles
Distance from Aosta Valley to Orta di Atella766 km476 miles
Distance from Umbria to Orta di Atella258 km160 miles
Distance from Trentino-Alto Adige to Orta di Atella684 km425 miles
Distance from Tuscany to Orta di Atella398 km247 miles
Distance from Apulia to Orta di Atella239 km149 miles
Distance from Piedmont to Orta di Atella712 km442 miles
Distance from Molise to Orta di Atella76 km47 miles
Distance from The Marches to Orta di Atella301 km187 miles
Distance from Lombardy to Orta di Atella616 km383 miles
Distance from Liguria to Orta di Atella608 km378 miles
Distance from Latium to Orta di Atella131 km81 miles
Distance from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Orta di Atella592 km368 miles
Distance from Emilia-Romagna to Orta di Atella474 km295 miles
Distance from Campania to Orta di Atella51 km32 miles
Distance from Basilicate to Orta di Atella148 km92 miles
Distance from Abruzzo to Orta di Atella143 km89 miles