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Distance Between Lauro de Freitas and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of Lauro de Freitas shown on map, and the distance between Lauro de Freitas to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From Lauro de Freitas to Brazil Cities

Distance from Teresina to Lauro de Freitas997 km620 miles
Distance from Sao Luis to Lauro de Freitas1,327 km825 miles
Distance from Recife to Lauro de Freitas657 km408 miles
Distance from Natal to Lauro de Freitas860 km534 miles
Distance from Maceio to Lauro de Freitas457 km284 miles
Distance from Macapa to Lauro de Freitas2,010 km1,249 miles
Distance from Joao Pessoa to Lauro de Freitas746 km464 miles
Distance from Fortaleza to Lauro de Freitas1,021 km634 miles
Distance from Belem to Lauro de Freitas1,695 km1,053 miles
Distance from Vitoria to Lauro de Freitas853 km530 miles
Distance from Salvador to Lauro de Freitas22 km14 miles
Distance from Porto Alegre to Lauro de Freitas2,323 km1,443 miles
Distance from Goiania to Lauro de Freitas1,247 km775 miles
Distance from Florianopolis to Lauro de Freitas1,950 km1,212 miles
Distance from Curitiba to Lauro de Freitas1,805 km1,122 miles
Distance from Cuiaba to Lauro de Freitas1,938 km1,204 miles
Distance from Campo Grande to Lauro de Freitas1,929 km1,199 miles
Distance from Brasilia to Lauro de Freitas1,083 km673 miles
Distance from Belo Horizonte to Lauro de Freitas984 km611 miles
Distance from Aracaju to Lauro de Freitas259 km161 miles
Distance from Palmas to Lauro de Freitas1,131 km703 miles
Distance from Rio Branco to Lauro de Freitas3,228 km2,006 miles
Distance from Porto Velho to Lauro de Freitas2,829 km1,758 miles
Distance from Manaus to Lauro de Freitas2,623 km1,630 miles
Distance from Boa Vista to Lauro de Freitas3,023 km1,878 miles
Distance from Rio Grande do Norte to Lauro de Freitas847 km526 miles
Distance from Piaui to Lauro de Freitas750 km466 miles
Distance from Pernambuco to Lauro de Freitas478 km297 miles
Distance from Paraiba to Lauro de Freitas651 km405 miles
Distance from Para to Lauro de Freitas2,193 km1,363 miles
Distance from Maranhao to Lauro de Freitas1,166 km725 miles
Distance from Ceara to Lauro de Freitas830 km516 miles
Distance from Amapa to Lauro de Freitas2,152 km1,337 miles
Distance from Alagoas to Lauro de Freitas406 km252 miles
Distance from Sergipe to Lauro de Freitas278 km173 miles
Distance from Sao Paulo to Lauro de Freitas1,473 km915 miles
Distance from Santa Catarina to Lauro de Freitas2,019 km1,255 miles
Distance from Rio Grande do Sul to Lauro de Freitas2,322 km1,443 miles
Distance from Rio de Janeiro to Lauro de Freitas1,227 km762 miles
Distance from Parana to Lauro de Freitas1,987 km1,235 miles
Distance from Minas Gerais to Lauro de Freitas913 km567 miles
Distance from Mato Grosso do Sul to Lauro de Freitas1,956 km1,215 miles
Distance from Mato Grosso to Lauro de Freitas2,016 km1,253 miles
Distance from Goias to Lauro de Freitas1,282 km797 miles
Distance from Federal District to Lauro de Freitas1,084 km674 miles
Distance from Espirito Santo to Lauro de Freitas731 km454 miles
Distance from Bahia to Lauro de Freitas368 km229 miles
Distance from Tocantins to Lauro de Freitas1,127 km700 miles
Distance from Roraima to Lauro de Freitas3,146 km1,955 miles
Distance from Amazonas to Lauro de Freitas3,204 km1,991 miles
Distance from Acre to Lauro de Freitas3,570 km2,218 miles
Distance from Rondonia to Lauro de Freitas2,748 km1,708 miles