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Distance Between Brazil Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Brazil

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Acre to Alagoas3,733 km2,320 miles
Alagoas to Amapa2,048 km1,273 miles
Amapa to Amazonas1,613 km1,002 miles
Amazonas to Aracaju3,280 km2,038 miles
Aracaju to Bahia537 km334 miles
Bahia to Belem1,446 km899 miles
Belem to Belo Horizonte2,112 km1,312 miles
Belo Horizonte to Boa Vista3,120 km1,939 miles
Boa Vista to Brasilia2,498 km1,552 miles
Brasilia to Campo Grande879 km546 miles
Campo Grande to Ceara2,345 km1,457 miles
Ceara to Cuiaba2,148 km1,335 miles
Cuiaba to Curitiba1,303 km810 miles
Curitiba to Espirito Santo1,154 km717 miles
Espirito Santo to Federal District889 km552 miles
Federal District to Florianopolis1,310 km814 miles
Florianopolis to Fortaleza2,860 km1,777 miles
Fortaleza to Goiania1,856 km1,153 miles
Goiania to Goias113 km70 miles
Goias to Joao Pessoa1,896 km1,178 miles
Joao Pessoa to Macapa1,965 km1,221 miles
Macapa to Maceio2,011 km1,250 miles
Maceio to Manaus2,780 km1,727 miles
Manaus to Maranhao1,649 km1,025 miles
Maranhao to Mato Grosso1,540 km957 miles
Mato Grosso to Mato Grosso do Sul928 km577 miles
Mato Grosso do Sul to Minas Gerais1,100 km684 miles
Minas Gerais to Natal1,740 km1,081 miles
Natal to Palmas1,524 km947 miles
Palmas to Para1,165 km724 miles
Para to Paraiba2,093 km1,301 miles
Paraiba to Parana2,575 km1,600 miles
Parana to Pernambuco2,426 km1,507 miles
Pernambuco to Piaui647 km402 miles
Piaui to Porto Alegre2,635 km1,637 miles
Porto Alegre to Porto Velho2,708 km1,683 miles
Porto Velho to Recife3,193 km1,984 miles
Recife to Rio Branco3,621 km2,250 miles
Rio Branco to Rio de Janeiro2,986 km1,855 miles
Rio de Janeiro to Rio Grande do Norte2,059 km1,279 miles
Rio Grande do Norte to Rio Grande do Sul3,120 km1,939 miles
Rio Grande do Sul to Rondonia2,424 km1,506 miles
Rondonia to Roraima1,593 km990 miles
Roraima to Salvador3,133 km1,947 miles
Salvador to Santa Catarina2,000 km1,243 miles
Santa Catarina to Sao Luis2,819 km1,752 miles
Sao Luis to Sao Paulo2,351 km1,461 miles
Sao Paulo to Sergipe1,744 km1,084 miles
Sergipe to Teresina853 km530 miles
Teresina to Tocantins829 km515 miles
Tocantins to Vitoria1,414 km879 miles