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Distance Between La Habana Vieja and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of La Habana Vieja shown on map, and the distance between La Habana Vieja to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From La Habana Vieja to Cuba Cities

Distance from Santa Clara to La Habana Vieja258 km160 miles
Distance from San Jose de las Lajas to La Habana Vieja28 km17 miles
Distance from Nueva Gerona to La Habana Vieja146 km91 miles
Distance from Havana to La Habana Vieja3 km2 miles
Distance from Bayamo to La Habana Vieja664 km413 miles
Distance from Villa Clara to La Habana Vieja259 km161 miles
Distance from Santiago de Cuba to La Habana Vieja758 km471 miles
Distance from Sancti Spiritus to La Habana Vieja322 km200 miles
Distance from Pinar del Rio to La Habana Vieja157 km98 miles
Distance from Matanzas to La Habana Vieja121 km75 miles
Distance from Las Tunas to La Habana Vieja605 km376 miles
Distance from Isla de la Juventud to La Habana Vieja176 km109 miles
Distance from Holguin to La Habana Vieja724 km450 miles
Distance from Guantanamo to La Habana Vieja841 km523 miles
Distance from Granma to La Habana Vieja664 km413 miles
Distance from La Habana to La Habana Vieja9 km6 miles
Distance from Cienfuegos to La Habana Vieja227 km141 miles
Distance from Ciego de Avila to La Habana Vieja411 km255 miles
Distance from Camaguey to La Habana Vieja497 km309 miles
Distance from Artemisa to La Habana Vieja78 km48 miles
Distance from Mayabeque to La Habana Vieja49 km30 miles