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Distance Between City of Parramatta and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of City of Parramatta shown on map, and the distance between City of Parramatta to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From City of Parramatta to Australia Cities

Distance from Perth to City of Parramatta3,272 km2,033 miles
Distance from Darwin to City of Parramatta3,131 km1,946 miles
Distance from Adelaide to City of Parramatta1,144 km711 miles
Distance from Sydney to City of Parramatta20 km12 miles
Distance from Melbourne to City of Parramatta702 km436 miles
Distance from Hobart to City of Parramatta1,057 km657 miles
Distance from Canberra to City of Parramatta237 km147 miles
Distance from Brisbane to City of Parramatta732 km455 miles
Distance from Western Australia to City of Parramatta2,878 km1,788 miles
Distance from South Australia to City of Parramatta1,458 km906 miles
Distance from Northern Territory to City of Parramatta2,421 km1,504 miles
Distance from Victoria to City of Parramatta693 km431 miles
Distance from Tasmania to City of Parramatta923 km574 miles
Distance from Queensland to City of Parramatta1,650 km1,025 miles
Distance from New South Wales to City of Parramatta20 km12 miles
Distance from Australian Capital Territory to City of Parramatta259 km161 miles