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Distance Between Australia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Australia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Adelaide to Australian Capital Territory948 km589 miles
Australian Capital Territory to Brisbane968 km601 miles
Brisbane to Canberra944 km587 miles
Canberra to Darwin3,134 km1,947 miles
Darwin to Hobart3,736 km2,321 miles
Hobart to Melbourne598 km372 miles
Melbourne to New South Wales713 km443 miles
New South Wales to Northern Territory2,440 km1,516 miles
Northern Territory to Perth2,166 km1,346 miles
Perth to Queensland2,930 km1,821 miles
Queensland to South Australia1,201 km746 miles
South Australia to Sydney1,478 km918 miles
Sydney to Tasmania926 km575 miles
Tasmania to Victoria461 km286 miles
Victoria to Western Australia2,419 km1,503 miles