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Distance Between City of Balikpapan and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of City of Balikpapan shown on map, and the distance between City of Balikpapan to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From City of Balikpapan to Indonesia Cities

Distance from Medan to City of Balikpapan2,096 km1,302 miles
Distance from Banda Aceh to City of Balikpapan2,512 km1,561 miles
Distance from Yogyakarta to City of Balikpapan1,026 km638 miles
Distance from Makassar to City of Balikpapan516 km321 miles
Distance from Tanjungpinang to City of Balikpapan1,404 km872 miles
Distance from Bandarlampung to City of Balikpapan1,373 km853 miles
Distance from Surabaya to City of Balikpapan811 km504 miles
Distance from Sofifi to City of Balikpapan1,205 km749 miles
Distance from Serang to City of Balikpapan1,309 km813 miles
Distance from Semarang to City of Balikpapan961 km597 miles
Distance from Samarinda to City of Balikpapan89 km55 miles
Distance from Pontianak to City of Balikpapan853 km530 miles
Distance from Pekanbaru to City of Balikpapan1,729 km1,074 miles
Distance from Pangkalpinang to City of Balikpapan1,202 km747 miles
Distance from Palu to City of Balikpapan333 km207 miles
Distance from Palembang to City of Balikpapan1,363 km847 miles
Distance from Palangkaraya to City of Balikpapan349 km217 miles
Distance from Padang to City of Balikpapan1,839 km1,143 miles
Distance from Mataram to City of Balikpapan821 km510 miles
Distance from Manokwari to City of Balikpapan1,911 km1,187 miles
Distance from Manado to City of Balikpapan935 km581 miles
Distance from Kendari to City of Balikpapan694 km431 miles
Distance from Jambi City to City of Balikpapan1,476 km917 miles
Distance from Jakarta to City of Balikpapan1,244 km773 miles
Distance from Denpasar to City of Balikpapan844 km524 miles
Distance from Banjarmasin to City of Balikpapan345 km214 miles
Distance from Bandung to City of Balikpapan1,206 km749 miles
Distance from Ambon to City of Balikpapan1,283 km797 miles
Distance from Kupang to City of Balikpapan1,240 km771 miles
Distance from Jayapura to City of Balikpapan2,651 km1,647 miles
Distance from North Sumatra to City of Balikpapan2,024 km1,258 miles
Distance from Aceh to City of Balikpapan2,333 km1,450 miles
Distance from Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta to City of Balikpapan1,026 km638 miles
Distance from South Sumatra to City of Balikpapan1,460 km907 miles
Distance from West Sumatra to City of Balikpapan1,790 km1,112 miles
Distance from North Sulawesi to City of Balikpapan814 km506 miles
Distance from Sulawesi Tenggara to City of Balikpapan669 km416 miles
Distance from Central Sulawesi to City of Balikpapan506 km314 miles
Distance from South Sulawesi to City of Balikpapan436 km271 miles
Distance from Riau to City of Balikpapan1,697 km1,054 miles
Distance from East Nusa Tenggara to City of Balikpapan946 km588 miles
Distance from West Nusa Tenggara to City of Balikpapan826 km513 miles
Distance from Maluku to City of Balikpapan1,489 km925 miles
Distance from Lampung to City of Balikpapan1,328 km825 miles
Distance from East Kalimantan to City of Balikpapan325 km202 miles
Distance from Central Kalimantan to City of Balikpapan393 km244 miles
Distance from South Kalimantan to City of Balikpapan273 km170 miles
Distance from West Kalimantan to City of Balikpapan612 km380 miles
Distance from East Java to City of Balikpapan869 km540 miles
Distance from Central Java to City of Balikpapan996 km619 miles
Distance from West Java to City of Balikpapan1,212 km753 miles
Distance from Jambi to City of Balikpapan1,477 km918 miles
Distance from Jakarta Raya to City of Balikpapan1,247 km775 miles
Distance from Papua to City of Balikpapan2,377 km1,477 miles
Distance from Bengkulu to City of Balikpapan1,650 km1,025 miles
Distance from Bali to City of Balikpapan819 km509 miles
Distance from Banten to City of Balikpapan1,331 km827 miles
Distance from Gorontalo to City of Balikpapan714 km444 miles
Distance from Bangka-Belitung Islands to City of Balikpapan1,174 km729 miles
Distance from Maluku Utara to City of Balikpapan1,253 km779 miles
Distance from West Papua to City of Balikpapan1,810 km1,125 miles
Distance from Sulawesi Barat to City of Balikpapan315 km196 miles
Distance from Riau Islands to City of Balikpapan1,131 km703 miles
Distance from North Kalimantan to City of Balikpapan392 km244 miles