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Distance Between Indonesia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Indonesia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aceh to Ambon3,614 km2,246 miles
Ambon to Bali1,529 km950 miles
Bali to Banda Aceh2,695 km1,675 miles
Banda Aceh to Bandarlampung1,646 km1,023 miles
Bandarlampung to Bandung308 km191 miles
Bandung to Bangka-Belitung Islands481 km299 miles
Bangka-Belitung Islands to Banjarmasin907 km564 miles
Banjarmasin to Banten1,005 km624 miles
Banten to Bengkulu512 km318 miles
Bengkulu to Central Java949 km590 miles
Central Java to Central Kalimantan706 km439 miles
Central Kalimantan to Central Sulawesi897 km557 miles
Central Sulawesi to Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta1,416 km880 miles
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta to Denpasar542 km337 miles
Denpasar to East Java350 km217 miles
East Java to East Kalimantan1,121 km697 miles
East Kalimantan to East Nusa Tenggara1,256 km780 miles
East Nusa Tenggara to Gorontalo1,045 km649 miles
Gorontalo to Jakarta1,951 km1,212 miles
Jakarta to Jakarta Raya2 km1 miles
Jakarta Raya to Jambi627 km390 miles
Jambi to Jambi City1 km1 miles
Jambi City to Jayapura4,124 km2,563 miles
Jayapura to Kendari2,027 km1,260 miles
Kendari to Kupang699 km434 miles
Kupang to Lampung2,101 km1,306 miles
Lampung to Makassar1,554 km966 miles
Makassar to Maluku1,208 km751 miles
Maluku to Maluku Utara595 km370 miles
Maluku Utara to Manado329 km204 miles
Manado to Manokwari1,059 km658 miles
Manokwari to Mataram2,167 km1,347 miles
Mataram to Medan2,361 km1,467 miles
Medan to North Kalimantan1,752 km1,089 miles
North Kalimantan to North Sulawesi1,084 km674 miles
North Sulawesi to North Sumatra2,783 km1,729 miles
North Sumatra to Padang363 km226 miles
Padang to Palangkaraya1,513 km940 miles
Palangkaraya to Palembang1,021 km634 miles
Palembang to Palu1,696 km1,054 miles
Palu to Pangkalpinang1,535 km954 miles
Pangkalpinang to Papua3,557 km2,210 miles
Papua to Pekanbaru4,105 km2,551 miles
Pekanbaru to Pontianak878 km546 miles
Pontianak to Riau848 km527 miles
Riau to Riau Islands822 km511 miles
Riau Islands to Samarinda1,115 km693 miles
Samarinda to Semarang1,039 km646 miles
Semarang to Serang482 km300 miles
Serang to Sofifi2,495 km1,550 miles
Sofifi to South Kalimantan1,428 km887 miles
South Kalimantan to South Sulawesi525 km326 miles
South Sulawesi to South Sumatra1,783 km1,108 miles
South Sumatra to Sulawesi Barat1,702 km1,058 miles
Sulawesi Barat to Sulawesi Tenggara357 km222 miles
Sulawesi Tenggara to Surabaya1,098 km682 miles
Surabaya to Tanjungpinang1,293 km803 miles
Tanjungpinang to West Java959 km596 miles
West Java to West Kalimantan867 km539 miles
West Kalimantan to West Nusa Tenggara1,137 km706 miles
West Nusa Tenggara to West Papua1,930 km1,199 miles
West Papua to West Sumatra3,600 km2,237 miles
West Sumatra to Yogyakarta1,318 km819 miles