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Distance Between Berkel en Rodenrijs and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of Berkel en Rodenrijs shown on map, and the distance between Berkel en Rodenrijs to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From Berkel en Rodenrijs to Netherlands Cities

Distance from Zwolle to Berkel en Rodenrijs124 km77 miles
Distance from 's-Hertogenbosch to Berkel en Rodenrijs65 km40 miles
Distance from Middelburg to Berkel en Rodenrijs81 km50 miles
Distance from Maastricht to Berkel en Rodenrijs152 km94 miles
Distance from Lelystad to Berkel en Rodenrijs89 km55 miles
Distance from Leeuwarden to Berkel en Rodenrijs162 km101 miles
Distance from Haarlem to Berkel en Rodenrijs44 km27 miles
Distance from Assen to Berkel en Rodenrijs180 km112 miles
Distance from Arnhem to Berkel en Rodenrijs98 km61 miles
Distance from Amsterdam to Berkel en Rodenrijs51 km32 miles
Distance from South Holland to Berkel en Rodenrijs3 km2 miles
Distance from Zeeland to Berkel en Rodenrijs70 km43 miles
Distance from Utrecht to Berkel en Rodenrijs45 km28 miles
Distance from Overijssel to Berkel en Rodenrijs146 km91 miles
Distance from North Holland to Berkel en Rodenrijs62 km39 miles
Distance from North Brabant to Berkel en Rodenrijs77 km48 miles
Distance from Limburg to Berkel en Rodenrijs125 km78 miles
Distance from Groningen to Berkel en Rodenrijs196 km122 miles
Distance from Gelderland to Berkel en Rodenrijs96 km60 miles
Distance from Friesland to Berkel en Rodenrijs157 km98 miles
Distance from Drenthe to Berkel en Rodenrijs180 km112 miles
Distance from Flevoland to Berkel en Rodenrijs97 km60 miles