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Distance Between Netherlands Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Netherlands

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Amsterdam to Arnhem82 km51 miles
Arnhem to Assen121 km75 miles
Assen to Drenthe7 km4 miles
Drenthe to Flevoland83 km52 miles
Flevoland to Friesland72 km45 miles
Friesland to Gelderland125 km78 miles
Gelderland to Groningen139 km86 miles
Groningen to Haarlem160 km99 miles
Haarlem to Leeuwarden121 km75 miles
Leeuwarden to Lelystad80 km50 miles
Lelystad to Limburg125 km78 miles
Limburg to Maastricht71 km44 miles
Maastricht to Middelburg162 km101 miles
Middelburg to North Brabant112 km70 miles
North Brabant to North Holland119 km74 miles
North Holland to Overijssel116 km72 miles
Overijssel to 's-Hertogenbosch116 km72 miles
's-Hertogenbosch to South Holland66 km41 miles
South Holland to Utrecht44 km27 miles
Utrecht to Zeeland110 km68 miles
Zeeland to Zwolle191 km119 miles