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Distance from Faroe Islands to Israel

Distance from Faroe Islands to Israel is 4,551 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 2,828 miles.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Faroe Islands and Israel is 4,551 km= 2,828 miles.

If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Faroe Islands to Israel, It takes 5.05 hours to arrive.

Faroe Islands

GPS Coordinates (DMS)61° 53´ 33.5040'' N
6° 54´ 42.5160'' W
Altitude247 m
CountryFaroe Islands

Faroe Islands Distances to Countries

Faroe IslandsDistance
Distance from Faroe Islands to Slovakia2,208 km
Distance from Bolivia to Faroe Islands10,001 km
Distance from Faroe Islands to India7,784 km


GPS Coordinates31° 2´ 45.7800'' N
34° 51´ 5.7960'' E
Altitude462 m

Israel Distances to Countries

Distance from Israel to Qatar1,719 km
Distance from Israel to Saint Lucia9,756 km
Distance from Guam to Israel11,059 km