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Distance Between Zimbabwe Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Zimbabwe

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Bindura to Bulawayo424 km263 miles
Bulawayo to Chinhoyi349 km217 miles
Chinhoyi to Gweru235 km146 miles
Gweru to Harare222 km138 miles
Harare to Manicaland171 km106 miles
Manicaland to Marondera105 km65 miles
Marondera to Mashonaland Central166 km103 miles
Mashonaland Central to Mashonaland East204 km127 miles
Mashonaland East to Mashonaland West198 km123 miles
Mashonaland West to Masvingo309 km192 miles
Masvingo to Matabeleland North386 km240 miles
Matabeleland North to Matabeleland South321 km199 miles
Matabeleland South to Midlands230 km143 miles
Midlands to Mutare323 km201 miles