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Distance Between Zambia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Zambia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Central to Chipata475 km295 miles
Chipata to Copperbelt556 km345 miles
Copperbelt to Eastern488 km303 miles
Eastern to Kabwe389 km242 miles
Kabwe to Kasama557 km346 miles
Kasama to Livingstone1,024 km636 miles
Livingstone to Luapula778 km483 miles
Luapula to Lusaka432 km268 miles
Lusaka to Mansa470 km292 miles
Mansa to Mongu770 km478 miles
Mongu to Ndola646 km401 miles
Ndola to North-Western404 km251 miles
North-Western to Northern746 km464 miles
Northern to Southern935 km581 miles
Southern to Western343 km213 miles