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Distance Between Yemen Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Yemen

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Abyan to Ad Dali'143 km89 miles
Ad Dali' to Aden107 km66 miles
Aden to Al Bayda'146 km91 miles
Al Bayda' to Al Hazm257 km160 miles
Al Hazm to Al Hudaydah247 km153 miles
Al Hudaydah to Al Jawf335 km208 miles
Al Jawf to Al Mahrah681 km423 miles
Al Mahrah to Al Mahwit877 km545 miles
Al Mahwit to Al Mukalla605 km376 miles
Al Mukalla to Amanat Al Asimah535 km332 miles
Amanat Al Asimah to 'Amran40 km25 miles
'Amran to Ataq334 km208 miles
Ataq to Dhamar279 km173 miles
Dhamar to Hajjah184 km114 miles
Hajjah to Ibb241 km150 miles
Ibb to Lahij128 km80 miles
Lahij to Ma'rib263 km163 miles
Ma'rib to Muhafazat al Hudaydah248 km154 miles
Muhafazat al Hudaydah to Muhafazat Hadramawt702 km436 miles
Muhafazat Hadramawt to Omran583 km362 miles
Omran to Raymah183 km114 miles
Raymah to Sa'dah258 km160 miles
Sa'dah to Sanaa182 km113 miles
Sanaa to Shabwah304 km189 miles
Shabwah to Ta'izz378 km235 miles
Ta'izz to Ta`izz2 km1 miles
Ta`izz to Zinjibar155 km96 miles