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Distance Between Vietnam Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Vietnam

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
An Giang to Ba Ria-Vung Tau231 km144 miles
Ba Ria-Vung Tau to Bac Giang1,198 km744 miles
Bac Giang to Bac Kan136 km85 miles
Bac Kan to Bac Lieu1,452 km902 miles
Bac Lieu to Bac Ninh1,321 km821 miles
Bac Ninh to Ben Tre1,225 km761 miles
Ben Tre to Bien Hoa102 km63 miles
Bien Hoa to Binh Dinh409 km254 miles
Binh Dinh to Binh Duong404 km251 miles
Binh Duong to Binh Phuoc54 km34 miles
Binh Phuoc to Binh Thuan188 km117 miles
Binh Thuan to Buon Ma Thuot189 km117 miles
Buon Ma Thuot to Ca Mau520 km323 miles
Ca Mau to Can Tho138 km86 miles
Can Tho to Cao Bang1,401 km871 miles
Cao Bang to Cao Lanh1,355 km842 miles
Cao Lanh to Da Lat348 km216 miles
Da Lat to Da Nang457 km284 miles
Da Nang to Dac Lak371 km231 miles
Dac Lak to Dak Nong84 km52 miles
Dak Nong to Dien Bien Phu1,125 km699 miles
Dien Bien Phu to Don Luan1,170 km727 miles
Don Luan to Dong Ha588 km365 miles
Dong Ha to Dong Nai639 km397 miles
Dong Nai to Dong Thap174 km108 miles
Dong Thap to Gia Lai453 km281 miles
Gia Lai to Ha Giang1,051 km653 miles
Ha Giang to Ha Nam263 km163 miles
Ha Nam to Ha Noi50 km31 miles
Ha Noi to Ha Tinh304 km189 miles
Ha Tinh to Hai Duong302 km188 miles
Hai Duong to Hai Phong40 km25 miles
Hai Phong to Haiphong2 km1 miles
Haiphong to Hanoi89 km55 miles
Hanoi to Hau Giang1,253 km779 miles
Hau Giang to Ho Chi Minh City160 km99 miles
Ho Chi Minh City to Hoa Binh1,106 km687 miles
Hoa Binh to Hue528 km328 miles
Hue to Hung Yen516 km321 miles
Hung Yen to Huyen Dien Bien312 km194 miles
Huyen Dien Bien to Khanh Hoa1,183 km735 miles
Khanh Hoa to Kien Giang507 km315 miles
Kien Giang to Kon Tum613 km381 miles
Kon Tum to Kwang Binh338 km210 miles
Kwang Binh to Lai Chau645 km401 miles
Lai Chau to Lam Dong1,282 km797 miles
Lam Dong to Lang Son1,120 km696 miles
Lang Son to Lao Cai261 km162 miles
Lao Cai to Long An1,334 km829 miles
Long An to Long Xuyen107 km66 miles
Long Xuyen to My Tho101 km63 miles
My Tho to Nam Dinh1,103 km685 miles
Nam Dinh to Nghe An178 km111 miles
Nghe An to Nha Trang902 km560 miles
Nha Trang to Ninh Binh952 km592 miles
Ninh Binh to Ninh Thuan1,000 km621 miles
Ninh Thuan to Phan Rang-Thap Cham18 km11 miles
Phan Rang-Thap Cham to Phan Thiet120 km75 miles
Phan Thiet to Phu Tho1,191 km740 miles
Phu Tho to Phu Yen999 km621 miles
Phu Yen to Pleiku154 km96 miles
Pleiku to Quang Binh415 km258 miles
Quang Binh to Quang Nam262 km163 miles
Quang Nam to Quang Ngai90 km56 miles
Quang Ngai to Quang Ninh676 km420 miles
Quang Ninh to Quang Tri470 km292 miles
Quang Tri to Qui Nhon414 km257 miles
Qui Nhon to Rach Gia615 km382 miles
Rach Gia to Soc Trang107 km66 miles
Soc Trang to Son La1,301 km808 miles
Son La to Tam Ky793 km493 miles
Tam Ky to Tan An603 km375 miles
Tan An to Tay Ninh98 km61 miles
Tay Ninh to Thai Binh1,020 km634 miles
Thai Binh to Thai Nguyen126 km78 miles
Thai Nguyen to Thanh Hoa170 km106 miles
Thanh Hoa to Thanh pho Bac Lieu1,206 km749 miles
Thanh pho Bac Lieu to Thanh Pho Cao Bang1,488 km925 miles
Thanh Pho Cao Bang to Thanh Pho Ha Giang132 km82 miles
Thanh Pho Ha Giang to Thanh Pho Ha Long300 km186 miles
Thanh Pho Ha Long to Thanh Pho Hai Duong77 km48 miles
Thanh Pho Hai Duong to Thanh Pho Hoa Binh104 km65 miles
Thanh Pho Hoa Binh to Thanh Pho Lang Son187 km116 miles
Thanh Pho Lang Son to Thanh Pho Nam Dinh169 km105 miles
Thanh Pho Nam Dinh to Thanh Pho Ninh Binh28 km17 miles
Thanh Pho Ninh Binh to Thanh Pho Phu Ly33 km21 miles
Thanh Pho Phu Ly to Thanh Pho Thai Binh46 km29 miles
Thanh Pho Thai Binh to Thanh Pho Thai Nguyen137 km85 miles
Thanh Pho Thai Nguyen to Thanh Pho Tuyen Quang70 km43 miles
Thanh Pho Tuyen Quang to Thu Dau Mot1,215 km755 miles
Thu Dau Mot to Thua Thien-Hue618 km384 miles
Thua Thien-Hue to Tien Giang683 km424 miles
Tien Giang to Tra Vinh71 km44 miles
Tra Vinh to Tuy Hoa492 km306 miles
Tuy Hoa to Tuyen Quang1,095 km680 miles
Tuyen Quang to Vi Thanh1,378 km856 miles
Vi Thanh to Viet Tri1,283 km797 miles
Viet Tri to Vinh Long1,251 km777 miles
Vinh Long to Vinh Phuc1,255 km780 miles