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Distance Between Venezuela Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Venezuela

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Amazonas to Anzoategui655 km407 miles
Anzoategui to Apure536 km333 miles
Apure to Aragua392 km244 miles
Aragua to Barcelona283 km176 miles
Barcelona to Barinas630 km391 miles
Barinas to Barquisimeto190 km118 miles
Barquisimeto to Bolivar755 km469 miles
Bolivar to Capital3,471 km2,157 miles
Capital to Carabobo3,895 km2,420 miles
Carabobo to Caracas134 km83 miles
Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar451 km280 miles
Ciudad Bolivar to Cojedes545 km339 miles
Cojedes to Coro268 km167 miles
Coro to Cumana609 km378 miles
Cumana to Delta Amacuro343 km213 miles
Delta Amacuro to Dependencias Federales481 km299 miles
Dependencias Federales to Falcon492 km306 miles
Falcon to Guanare238 km148 miles
Guanare to Guarico386 km240 miles
Guarico to La Asuncion364 km226 miles
La Asuncion to La Guaira339 km211 miles
La Guaira to Lara324 km201 miles
Lara to Los Teques309 km192 miles
Los Teques to Maracaibo504 km313 miles
Maracaibo to Maracay444 km276 miles
Maracay to Maturin486 km302 miles
Maturin to Merida888 km552 miles
Merida to Miranda554 km344 miles
Miranda to Monagas388 km241 miles
Monagas to Nueva Esparta210 km130 miles
Nueva Esparta to Portuguesa606 km377 miles
Portuguesa to Puerto Ayacucho415 km258 miles
Puerto Ayacucho to San Carlos457 km284 miles
San Carlos to San Cristobal452 km281 miles
San Cristobal to San Felipe478 km297 miles
San Felipe to San Fernando Apure306 km190 miles
San Fernando Apure to San Juan de los Morros225 km140 miles
San Juan de los Morros to Sucre447 km278 miles
Sucre to Tachira1,010 km628 miles
Tachira to Trujillo247 km153 miles
Trujillo to Tucupita921 km572 miles
Tucupita to Valencia664 km413 miles
Valencia to Vargas147 km91 miles
Vargas to Yaracuy217 km135 miles
Yaracuy to Zulia419 km260 miles