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Distance Between Uzbekistan Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Uzbekistan

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Andijon to Bukhara674 km419 miles
Bukhara to Fergana628 km390 miles
Fergana to Guliston255 km158 miles
Guliston to Jizzax87 km54 miles
Jizzax to Karakalpakstan808 km502 miles
Karakalpakstan to Namangan1,048 km651 miles
Namangan to Navoiy539 km335 miles
Navoiy to Navoiy Shahri1 km1 miles
Navoiy Shahri to Nukus548 km341 miles
Nukus to Qarshi656 km408 miles
Qarshi to Qashqadaryo23 km14 miles
Qashqadaryo to Samarqand114 km71 miles
Samarqand to Sirdaryo197 km122 miles
Sirdaryo to Surxondaryo335 km208 miles
Surxondaryo to Tashkent396 km246 miles
Tashkent to Tirmiz479 km298 miles
Tirmiz to Toshkent484 km301 miles
Toshkent to Toshkent Shahri0 km0 miles
Toshkent Shahri to Urganch718 km446 miles
Urganch to Xorazm28 km17 miles