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Distance Between Uruguay Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Uruguay

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Artigas to Canelones456 km283 miles
Canelones to Cerro Largo320 km199 miles
Cerro Largo to Colonia146 km91 miles
Colonia to Colonia del Sacramento289 km180 miles
Colonia del Sacramento to Durazno228 km142 miles
Durazno to Flores92 km57 miles
Flores to Florida82 km51 miles
Florida to Fray Bentos220 km137 miles
Fray Bentos to Lavalleja324 km201 miles
Lavalleja to Maldonado69 km43 miles
Maldonado to Melo262 km163 miles
Melo to Mercedes373 km232 miles
Mercedes to Minas287 km178 miles
Minas to Montevideo103 km64 miles
Montevideo to Paysandu321 km199 miles
Paysandu to Rio Negro69 km43 miles
Rio Negro to Rivera252 km157 miles
Rivera to Rocha372 km231 miles
Rocha to Salto408 km254 miles
Salto to San Jose de Mayo321 km199 miles
San Jose de Mayo to San Jose10 km6 miles
San Jose to Soriano123 km76 miles
Soriano to Tacuarembo255 km158 miles
Tacuarembo to Treinta y Tres183 km114 miles
Treinta y Tres to Trinidad249 km155 miles