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Distance Between United States Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in United States

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Alabama to Alaska5,494 km3,414 miles
Alaska to Albany5,166 km3,210 miles
Albany to Annapolis469 km291 miles
Annapolis to Arizona3,121 km1,939 miles
Arizona to Arkansas1,764 km1,096 miles
Arkansas to Atlanta701 km436 miles
Atlanta to Augusta1,719 km1,068 miles
Augusta to Austin2,903 km1,804 miles
Austin to Baton Rouge632 km393 miles
Baton Rouge to Bismarck1,998 km1,241 miles
Bismarck to Boise1,257 km781 miles
Boise to Boston3,629 km2,255 miles
Boston to California4,135 km2,569 miles
California to Carson City267 km166 miles
Carson City to Charleston3,283 km2,040 miles
Charleston to Cheyenne2,001 km1,243 miles
Cheyenne to Colorado195 km121 miles
Colorado to Columbia2,281 km1,417 miles
Columbia to Columbus685 km426 miles
Columbus to Concord1,018 km633 miles
Concord to Connecticut219 km136 miles
Connecticut to Delaware364 km226 miles
Delaware to Denver2,524 km1,568 miles
Denver to Des Moines981 km610 miles
Des Moines to Dover1,553 km965 miles
Dover to Florida1,393 km866 miles
Florida to Frankfort1,212 km753 miles
Frankfort to Georgia695 km432 miles
Georgia to Harrisburg1,050 km652 miles
Harrisburg to Hartford389 km242 miles
Hartford to Hawaii7,977 km4,957 miles
Hawaii to Helena4,927 km3,061 miles
Helena to Honolulu4,976 km3,092 miles
Honolulu to Idaho4,687 km2,912 miles
Idaho to Illinois2,109 km1,310 miles
Illinois to Indiana279 km173 miles
Indiana to Indianapolis56 km35 miles
Indianapolis to Iowa629 km391 miles
Iowa to Jackson1,096 km681 miles
Jackson to Jefferson City721 km448 miles
Jefferson City to Juneau3,716 km2,309 miles
Juneau to Kansas3,334 km2,072 miles
Kansas to Kentucky1,244 km773 miles
Kentucky to Lansing545 km339 miles
Lansing to Lincoln1,026 km638 miles
Lincoln to Little Rock775 km482 miles
Little Rock to Louisiana419 km260 miles
Louisiana to Madison1,363 km847 miles
Madison to Maine1,606 km998 miles
Maine to Maryland909 km565 miles
Maryland to Massachusetts580 km360 miles
Massachusetts to Michigan1,167 km725 miles
Michigan to Minnesota756 km470 miles
Minnesota to Mississippi1,660 km1,031 miles
Mississippi to Missouri662 km411 miles
Missouri to Montana1,809 km1,124 miles
Montana to Montgomery2,599 km1,615 miles
Montgomery to Nashville425 km264 miles
Nashville to Nebraska1,279 km795 miles
Nebraska to Nevada1,433 km890 miles
Nevada to New Hampshire3,750 km2,330 miles
New Hampshire to New Jersey421 km262 miles
New Jersey to New Mexico2,835 km1,762 miles
New Mexico to New York2,873 km1,785 miles
New York to North Carolina703 km437 miles
North Carolina to North Dakota2,235 km1,389 miles
North Dakota to Ohio1,645 km1,022 miles
Ohio to Oklahoma1,383 km859 miles
Oklahoma to Oklahoma City64 km40 miles
Oklahoma City to Olympia2,465 km1,532 miles
Olympia to Oregon403 km250 miles
Oregon to Pennsylvania3,525 km2,190 miles
Pennsylvania to Phoenix3,179 km1,975 miles
Phoenix to Providence3,663 km2,276 miles
Providence to Raleigh919 km571 miles
Raleigh to Rhode Island896 km557 miles
Rhode Island to Richmond680 km423 miles
Richmond to Sacramento3,819 km2,373 miles
Sacramento to Saint Paul2,445 km1,519 miles
Saint Paul to Salem2,343 km1,456 miles
Salem to Salt Lake City1,019 km633 miles
Salt Lake City to Santa Fe767 km477 miles
Santa Fe to South Carolina2,266 km1,408 miles
South Carolina to South Dakota1,967 km1,222 miles
South Dakota to Springfield966 km600 miles
Springfield to Tallahassee1,149 km714 miles
Tallahassee to Tennessee604 km375 miles
Tennessee to Texas1,292 km803 miles
Texas to Topeka875 km544 miles
Topeka to Trenton1,793 km1,114 miles
Trenton to Utah3,087 km1,918 miles
Utah to Vermont3,208 km1,993 miles
Vermont to Virginia942 km585 miles
Virginia to Washington217 km135 miles
Washington to Washington, D.C.0 km0 miles
Washington, D.C. to West Virginia298 km185 miles
West Virginia to Wisconsin904 km562 miles
Wisconsin to Wyoming1,493 km928 miles