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Distance Between Turkey Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Turkey

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Adana to Adapazari599 km372 miles
Adapazari to Adiyaman756 km470 miles
Adiyaman to Afyonkarahisar684 km425 miles
Afyonkarahisar to Agri1,082 km672 miles
Agri to Aksaray793 km493 miles
Aksaray to Amasya298 km185 miles
Amasya to Ankara265 km165 miles
Ankara to Antakya505 km314 miles
Antakya to Antalya492 km306 miles
Antalya to Ardahan1,136 km706 miles
Ardahan to Artvin74 km46 miles
Artvin to Aydin1,254 km779 miles
Aydin to Balikesir202 km126 miles
Balikesir to Bartin435 km270 miles
Bartin to Batman859 km534 miles
Batman to Bayburt275 km171 miles
Bayburt to Bilecik870 km541 miles
Bilecik to Bingol912 km567 miles
Bingol to Bitlis150 km93 miles
Bitlis to Bolu936 km582 miles
Bolu to Burdur354 km220 miles
Burdur to Bursa294 km183 miles
Bursa to Canakkale225 km140 miles
Canakkale to Cankiri612 km380 miles
Cankiri to Corum113 km70 miles
Corum to Denizli591 km367 miles
Denizli to Diyarbakir975 km606 miles
Diyarbakir to Duzce842 km523 miles
Duzce to Edirne396 km246 miles
Edirne to Elazig1,126 km700 miles
Elazig to Erzincan121 km75 miles
Erzincan to Erzurum153 km95 miles
Erzurum to Eskisehir917 km570 miles
Eskisehir to Gaziantep668 km415 miles
Gaziantep to Giresun437 km272 miles
Giresun to Gumushane105 km65 miles
Gumushane to Gumushkhane0 km0 miles
Gumushkhane to Hakkari488 km303 miles
Hakkari to Hatay691 km429 miles
Hatay to Igdir804 km500 miles
Igdir to Isparta1,191 km740 miles
Isparta to Istanbul385 km239 miles
Istanbul to Izmir327 km203 miles
Izmir to Izmit353 km219 miles
Izmit to Kahramanmaras700 km435 miles
Kahramanmaras to Karabuk546 km339 miles
Karabuk to Karaman449 km279 miles
Karaman to Kars935 km581 miles
Kars to Kastamonu787 km489 miles
Kastamonu to Kayseri329 km204 miles
Kayseri to Khanjarah263 km163 miles
Khanjarah to Kilis528 km328 miles
Kilis to Kirikkale469 km291 miles
Kirikkale to Kirklareli569 km354 miles
Kirklareli to Kirsehir653 km406 miles
Kirsehir to Kocaeli411 km255 miles
Kocaeli to Konya400 km249 miles
Konya to Kutahya277 km172 miles
Kutahya to Malatya732 km455 miles
Malatya to Manisa949 km590 miles
Manisa to Mardin1,174 km729 miles
Mardin to Mersin543 km337 miles
Mersin to Mugla559 km347 miles
Mugla to Mus1,162 km722 miles
Mus to Nevsehir588 km365 miles
Nevsehir to Nigde73 km45 miles
Nigde to Ordu434 km270 miles
Ordu to Osmaniye457 km284 miles
Osmaniye to Rize573 km356 miles
Rize to Sakarya851 km529 miles
Sakarya to Samsun501 km311 miles
Samsun to Sanliurfa504 km313 miles
Sanliurfa to Siirt290 km180 miles
Siirt to Sinop736 km457 miles
Sinop to Sirnak800 km497 miles
Sirnak to Sivas533 km331 miles
Sivas to Tekirdag816 km507 miles
Tekirdag to Tokat766 km476 miles
Tokat to Trabzon277 km172 miles
Trabzon to Tunceli211 km131 miles
Tunceli to Usak879 km546 miles
Usak to Van1,213 km754 miles
Van to Yalova1,230 km764 miles
Yalova to Yozgat478 km297 miles
Yozgat to Zonguldak313 km194 miles