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Distance Between Tanzania Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Tanzania

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Arusha to Babati139 km86 miles
Babati to Bukoba542 km337 miles
Bukoba to Chake Chake984 km611 miles
Chake Chake to Dar es Salaam183 km114 miles
Dar es Salaam to Dodoma388 km241 miles
Dodoma to Geita534 km332 miles
Geita to Iringa664 km413 miles
Iringa to Kagera774 km481 miles
Kagera to Katavi483 km300 miles
Katavi to Kibaha877 km545 miles
Kibaha to Kigoma1,045 km649 miles
Kigoma to Kilimanjaro877 km545 miles
Kilimanjaro to Lindi812 km505 miles
Lindi to Manyara700 km435 miles
Manyara to Mara420 km261 miles
Mara to Mbeya797 km495 miles
Mbeya to Morogoro518 km322 miles
Morogoro to Moshi389 km242 miles
Moshi to Mpanda770 km478 miles
Mpanda to Mtwara1,095 km680 miles
Mtwara to Musoma1,207 km750 miles
Musoma to Mwanza150 km93 miles
Mwanza to Njombe738 km459 miles
Njombe to Pemba North708 km440 miles
Pemba North to Pemba South32 km20 miles
Pemba South to Pwani246 km153 miles
Pwani to Rukwa835 km519 miles
Rukwa to Ruvuma688 km428 miles
Ruvuma to Shinyanga840 km522 miles
Shinyanga to Simiyu89 km55 miles
Simiyu to Singida234 km145 miles
Singida to Songea659 km409 miles
Songea to Sumbawanga536 km333 miles
Sumbawanga to Tabora351 km218 miles
Tabora to Tanga696 km432 miles
Tanga to Wete70 km43 miles
Wete to Zanzibar Central/South134 km83 miles
Zanzibar Central/South to Zanzibar North31 km19 miles
Zanzibar North to Zanzibar27 km17 miles
Zanzibar to Zanzibar Urban/West10 km6 miles