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Distance Between Sweden Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Sweden

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Blekinge to Dalarna536 km333 miles
Dalarna to Falun75 km47 miles
Falun to Gaevleborg83 km52 miles
Gaevleborg to Gavle88 km55 miles
Gavle to Goeteborg442 km275 miles
Goeteborg to Gotland401 km249 miles
Gotland to Haernoesand556 km345 miles
Haernoesand to Halland699 km434 miles
Halland to Halmstad25 km16 miles
Halmstad to Jaemtland732 km455 miles
Jaemtland to Joenkoeping601 km373 miles
Joenkoeping to Jonkoping0 km0 miles
Jonkoping to Kalmar182 km113 miles
Kalmar to Karlskrona73 km45 miles
Karlskrona to Karlstad378 km235 miles
Karlstad to Kronoberg301 km187 miles
Kronoberg to Linkoping202 km126 miles
Linkoping to Lulea866 km538 miles
Lulea to Malmoe1,214 km754 miles
Malmoe to Norrbotten1,307 km812 miles
Norrbotten to Nykoping914 km568 miles
Nykoping to OErebro118 km73 miles
OErebro to OEstergoetland105 km65 miles
OEstergoetland to Orebro105 km65 miles
Orebro to Ostersund435 km270 miles
Ostersund to Skane801 km498 miles
Skane to Soedermanland387 km240 miles
Soedermanland to Stockholm82 km51 miles
Stockholm to Umea513 km319 miles
Umea to Uppsala462 km287 miles
Uppsala to Vaermland247 km153 miles
Vaermland to Vaesterbotten645 km401 miles
Vaesterbotten to Vaesternorrland220 km137 miles
Vaesternorrland to Vaestmanland425 km264 miles
Vaestmanland to Vaestra Goetaland240 km149 miles
Vaestra Goetaland to Vaexjoe185 km115 miles
Vaexjoe to Vasteras321 km199 miles
Vasteras to Visby242 km150 miles