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Distance Between Sri Lanka Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Sri Lanka

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Anuradhapura to Badulla163 km101 miles
Badulla to Central47 km29 miles
Central to Colombo103 km64 miles
Colombo to Galle108 km67 miles
Galle to Jaffna404 km251 miles
Jaffna to Kandy273 km170 miles
Kandy to Kurunegala37 km23 miles
Kurunegala to North Central85 km53 miles
North Central to North Western69 km43 miles
North Western to Northern Province126 km78 miles
Northern Province to Ratnapura245 km152 miles
Ratnapura to Sabaragamuwa7 km4 miles
Sabaragamuwa to Southern59 km37 miles
Southern to Trincomalee270 km168 miles
Trincomalee to Uva193 km120 miles
Uva to Western147 km91 miles