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Distance Between Slovakia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Slovakia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Banska Bystrica to Banskobystricky29 km18 miles
Banskobystricky to Bratislava174 km108 miles
Bratislava to Bratislavsky19 km12 miles
Bratislavsky to Kosice302 km188 miles
Kosice to Kosicky15 km9 miles
Kosicky to Nitra224 km139 miles
Nitra to Nitriansky47 km29 miles
Nitriansky to Presov227 km141 miles
Presov to Presovsky22 km14 miles
Presovsky to Trenciansky233 km145 miles
Trenciansky to Trencin17 km11 miles
Trencin to Trnava67 km42 miles
Trnava to Trnavsky10 km6 miles
Trnavsky to Zilina119 km74 miles
Zilina to Zilinsky45 km28 miles