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Distance Between Seychelles Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Seychelles

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Anse-aux-Pins to Anse Boileau4 km2 miles
Anse Boileau to Anse Etoile13 km8 miles
Anse Etoile to Anse Royale17 km11 miles
Anse Royale to Au Cap54 km34 miles
Au Cap to Baie Lazare56 km35 miles
Baie Lazare to Baie Sainte Anne55 km34 miles
Baie Sainte Anne to Beau Vallon48 km30 miles
Beau Vallon to Bel Air4 km2 miles
Bel Air to Bel Ombre5 km3 miles
Bel Ombre to Cascade10 km6 miles
Cascade to English River8 km5 miles
English River to Glacis5 km3 miles
Glacis to Grand Anse Mahe12 km7 miles
Grand Anse Mahe to Grand Anse Praslin48 km30 miles
Grand Anse Praslin to Inner Islands15 km9 miles
Inner Islands to Les Mamelles52 km32 miles
Les Mamelles to Mont Buxton5 km3 miles
Mont Buxton to Mont Fleuri2 km1 miles
Mont Fleuri to Plaisance2 km1 miles
Plaisance to Pointe Larue7 km4 miles
Pointe Larue to Port Glaud12 km7 miles
Port Glaud to Roche Caiman5 km3 miles
Roche Caiman to Saint Louis3 km2 miles
Saint Louis to Takamaka19 km12 miles
Takamaka to Victoria20 km12 miles