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Distance Between Senegal Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Senegal

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Dakar to Diourbel122 km76 miles
Diourbel to Fatick40 km25 miles
Fatick to Kaffrine97 km60 miles
Kaffrine to Kaolack58 km36 miles
Kaolack to Kedougou458 km285 miles
Kedougou to Kolda304 km189 miles
Kolda to Louga331 km206 miles
Louga to Matam318 km198 miles
Matam to Saint-Louis347 km216 miles
Saint-Louis to Sedhiou383 km238 miles
Sedhiou to Tambacounda236 km147 miles
Tambacounda to Thies370 km230 miles
Thies to Ziguinchor258 km160 miles