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Distance Between Saudi Arabia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Saudi Arabia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Abha to Al Bahah228 km142 miles
Al Bahah to Al Jawf1,119 km695 miles
Al Jawf to Al Madinah al Munawwarah561 km349 miles
Al Madinah al Munawwarah to Al-Qassim373 km232 miles
Al-Qassim to 'Ar'ar600 km373 miles
'Ar'ar to Ar Riyad890 km553 miles
Ar Riyad to Buraydah325 km202 miles
Buraydah to Dammam611 km380 miles
Dammam to Hayil842 km523 miles
Hayil to Jizan1,186 km737 miles
Jizan to Makkah576 km358 miles
Makkah to Mecca5 km3 miles
Mecca to Medina339 km211 miles
Medina to Mintaqat al Bahah503 km313 miles
Mintaqat al Bahah to Mintaqat `Asir198 km123 miles
Mintaqat `Asir to Mintaqat Ha'il962 km598 miles
Mintaqat Ha'il to Mintaqat Tabuk489 km304 miles
Mintaqat Tabuk to Najran1,362 km846 miles
Najran to Northern Borders1,367 km849 miles
Northern Borders to Riyadh714 km444 miles
Riyadh to Sakaka871 km541 miles
Sakaka to Tabuk394 km245 miles